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Danube Delta

Pelicani Delta Dunarii

Danube Delta – the place where nature is beyond imagination

The largest remaining wetlands in Europe is intact and only one river delta in the world declared a biosphere reserve . Perhaps these are the three most important reasons for which you should visit at least once , one of the most beautiful places in Romania . A natural paradise , Delta brings together more than 350 species of wild birds , over 1200 species of plants and trees and over 100 species of fish. Between the three arms – Chili , Sulina and St. George – Delta is a real attraction for tourists worldwide . Come for the beauty and uniqueness , many are falling for the gorgeous scenery , and the tasty fish . Here you can try the famous fish soup and venison specialties 100 % organic , unique in Romania and worldwide . All in delta , you get to see rare wild birds closely in Europe, little egret , pelican , spoonbill or stilt . Spring is the most beautiful season for such a visit , when birds return from warmer countries . Located in breeding , plumage and behavior will provide an unforgettable view . But not only this is why you should visit a place . Sport fishing and hunting are also activities that have to enter into your visit. The oldest wildlife reserve in Dobrogea , the Danube Delta is Letea base interest hunter full of attractions for fans of rabbits, wild boar , woodcock and beyond. And as the delta should not leave until you are fishing , you can try your luck and skill in the Crisan , 23 or Fortuna Mila I ( sont ) .

If you are not big fan of these sports and you come here just to relax , you should not miss a boat ride . You can visit eighteen protected reserves , virgin forests , and large expanses of water that will leave you breathless .

No doubt , a trip to the Danube Delta is unforgettable . Once you have entered the heart of nature is hard to let go and for sure you will come back a second time . Delta is a natural paradise , unique in Romania and in the world worth visiting .

Sfantu Gheorghe Beach

Plaja Sfantu Gheorghe

Saint George Beach
It the place where Black Sea embraces Danube , where you want to laze on the beach ” infinite ” and almost deserted , being a wild beach that is part of the Delta reservation . The beach is quite wide , covered with extremely fine sand and the sea is not deep tourists being able to go to sea without water long enough to exceed 2 meters .

Saint George Beach is located 1 km from the town approximation Saint George in the arm where the Danube meets the Black Sea with the same name . The beach stretches over a distance of about 40km to the Sulina beach , sea water is not salty , with a sweet taste is mostly water from the river.

You may have noticed a peculiar phenomenon that occurs at night when the full moon is darkness without , namely , into the sea and the beach can be seen these so-called big firefly fluorescent lights providing a unique spectacle especially when waves are break .


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